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Professional activity

Responsible for defining the image and communication, identity and design project for the XXV Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, he directed the development and implementation project for the olympic and paralympic mascots: Cobi and Petra. He was also director of the cultural and recreational project and head of the olympic village department.

Since 1966, he has been a permanent advisor and consultant in the company “Mediterránea de moda” (María José Navarro), participating in the elaboration of numerous projects.

In 1997, he was responsible for defining the image, development and implementation project for the “City of arts and sciences” in Valencia and, until 2005, he was responsible for artistic coordination and strategic communication in the elaboration of Madrid’s bid dossier for the International Olympic Committee as a candidate city to host the XXX Olympic Games 2012.

During 2007, he developed the artistic management and communication concept for Barcelona city council in its “Barcelona 2007 sports year” project and is currently responsible for the different tasks of strategic communication and corporate identity and coordinator of the cultural committee for Madrid’s bid to host the Olympic Games in 2016. He also gives strategic marketing for design and fashion classes in Valencia’s Technological Textile Institute (AITEX) and is a consultant for new fashion trends in various companies.

Since 1994, he has lived in Valencia, where he heads his own consulting company, participating in different government and private sector projects.